[[ **-SuSy R-... BloG!!** ]]

++[[ **..Hi welCome tO mY bLog!... I HoPe U lIke It!.. Is rEaLLY cOOl,C yA lAteR!! =)..

Monday, March 26, 2007

*+* 3 Songs *+*

In English class our teacher, Mr.Hide, made us heard 3 songs and ask us to write what we imagine of that song this is what I image:

1. What I imagine in the first song was like a video game I had play once called Don King Kong. The music heard almost the same as that, but when the music continues playing I start to imagine like vampires or bats. The music turns more gothic and dark. At the end it sound me like jazz or something. Because there was a piano so I imagine like a dance.

2. The second song sound like a farm. In the farm was a farmer that was dancing with his wife. It remembers me like all the animals in the farm; pigs, cows, horses, chickens. Then it heard like chickens were all crazy jumping and running throw the farm because a dog was trying to chase them. In the end I remember like the escoceses dancing.

3. In the third song it took place in China. There is a bridge and beautiful Chinese woman start walking throw the bridge with long dresses of shiny and bright colours. In the sides of the fountain it had flowers all over it. There are some fish’s swimming in the fountains and fresh water coming all over it. Suddenly a horrible sound come in the song and makes my beautiful image vanish in a… PUF! With that horrible noise I image an old man that was very sick. When the song was almost finishing it sounded to me like an African song. I start to remember the wild live in Africa, the animals, the safaris, etc, but then... the horrible sound of the song came again and makes my image go away!! No!

Friday, March 23, 2007


Hey! It’s me Susie! Well, how much of you already know we are making a project called Internationalteenlife! I have had many experience and lots of things to tell you. This is a very exiting project because we get to meet and now more people. For example we are exchanging ideas and thoughts about this project with other schools like in Malaysia, Canada, and Virginia.

I think that this project is very fun and I have not only learned a lot of things but also make new people and friends. My subject is animal cruelty and rights, and my partners are; Maria angelica (Mayi) from Cartagena/Colombia, Elaine from North America, Kate that’s also from North America, Mitchell from MKIS and Ann Nee also from MKIS. Talking about animal rights and cruelty had made me think of lots of things that I had never thought of. Also many people all around the world had seen our project and they are very happy and exited with this.

TLP or Teenlifeproject has teach me many things for live that I would never for get. I think this teach me that exchanging ideas and thoughts with other people can be fun.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

[= Animal rights and cruelty >=[

Hello again! Well, today Im going to talk about animal rights and cruelty. However, I saw a short video called The Meatrix it is about the true way people obtain the meat. There you can see that pigs are all squeeze on a factory waiting to be killed and be transform to meat. Also the cows are being taken to take their milk away with big machines, and cows cattles are been forced to drink cow blood! That blood is from other dead cows or even their own mothers! This is maked in a comic and fun way of video but it tells you about the REAl way people get meat so you know how the delicious hamburger of Mc Donalds or any other fast food restaurants meat are from. Also it shows romance and lots of facts. If you whant to know more about the video see it because I cant tell you about what it is because then I would ruin the video.

Well, How I had alleady told you, people are making lot of cruelty to animals. Telling the truth I love hamburgers but even so I think we should look for other ways of consuming meat that doesnt include killing animals. Like vegetarians used a system of eating meat but isnt from cows its like kind of a bean or something but I tasted (my mother is vegetarian) and it really taste like real meat, well, kind of.

I have though once that another way to preserve our cows is by cloning them. The problem of cloned cows or pigs is that those animals ALSO feel the pain. Just because they are CLONED doesnt mean they wouldnt feel. Well, thats why then I realized that wasnt a really good idea and also that cost a lot of $money$ creating a cloned thing, animal or person.
Another thing I think that maybe would be usefull is that when a cow die, ( not because people kill them or desease when they are on factories,) people THEN should take the meat. Even though the meat wouldnt be as fresh as if you killed a young cow. In that way you are not hurting animals because the animal was allready dead so that wouldnt be ANIMAL CRUELTY.

Many people are doing animal cruelty by killing animals in a cruel and harsh ways. Some of them are by fun, but when people se a post or something that say DONT HUNT, they dont respect it and do it! so please people it isnt to late to retreat what we have done. Dont kill more animals. If you see an animal attacking or killing another that is different because that is THE CYCLE OF LIVE! Well, thats normal, they do it for survivence!

Worms meat! Yeah! If you havent know, there is someething called WORMS MEAT! That meat is obiously produced by worms. And the good thing is that they dont kill the worm! The Worm create its own meat. It is specially design to make that, like a caterpilar or a spider building up its web. That way no animals are killed and also people say that that meat is delicious. I know It Would be hard changing the way of eating meat, but think in the poor animals that are sufering.

So remember, there can be many ways in saving an animal. These ones I said arent the only onces but some I had think of. IMAGINE ALL THE ONES IN THE WORLD! Well, so If you really love animals dont kill them or make them suffer, because remember there is allways a way of making things better, in wich destructing animals rites is not included.

Friday, February 23, 2007

<;D ** Animal Rights/ Cruelty!** <;(

Hello everyone! AGAIN it’s me. Well, I just wanted to tell you about my new issue I just change. It’s about animal rights and cruelty. Animal rights UP and animal cruelty DOWN!! How can this people be sooo mean! Well, now I’m going to talk a little about this so you get sort of idea what Animal Rights and Cruelty is. There are GOOD and BAD things for this that are:

*GOOD: Animal rights its also known as animal liberation. This mean that animals must be free and not human’s property. In this page I read some goals to animal rights that are:

  • The total abolition of the use of animals in science;
  • The total dissolution of commercial animal agriculture;
  • The total elimination of commercial and sport hunting and trapping.

I think that an animal right is what people must do instead of killing the animals. If we keep killing animals then what do you think would happen? RIGHT! NO ANIMALS! Well, also imagine this. Do you have any pet at home? Like dog, cat, horse (If you have a horse you are weird…I mean horse INSIDE your house) etc. Now imagine that someone killed you your pet, (I’m sorry if I’m to bloody but that’s the point of view I want to get.) To make people realize that killing animals is very bad just like as if someone killed you your pet!

*BAD: Animal cruelty means the same as it sound is treating bad animals or killing (doing cruelty) to them. The worst part of animal cruelty Like, people killing animals for fun. THAT’S THE PROBLEM. If you kill an animal for food or to survive that is ok because, I mean that’s the cycle of live! Like in the jungle, deserts, woods, ect; lions, tigers, insects, rabbits, giraffes, elephants, etc are killing other animal because that is cycle of live they need in order to live and survive. For example, plants need to be fertile in order to grow well because fertile is the substance plants need to live. My mom told me, that in some parts of the world (I don’t know exactly were) some so it’s totally normal. But is bad when you do it FOR FUN! I read a small small article called Cow Slaughter. This, really has a video in wich you can analyse what is happening. People are killing all class of animals to sell and they cut those animals from the... neck. Oh my god, I can continue is too sad. This people must be send to JAIL! There they can pay what they have done to these animals.

Well, I hope you get sort of what I wanted to infer to you. Remember that if some day you see a person treating bad an animal, DEMAND! Or explain him (I don’t really think its going to work) that what he or she is doing is bad and cruel. Next post I will talk more about this, well, if Mr. Hide told us to. Now I need to go. See you later!


Friday, February 16, 2007

**DRUGS** Bad 4 health..

Hello again! What’s up people? I hope everything fine. Well, for the people that didn’t have clear what I talked about teenage drug or just wanted to learn more about it, today I’m going to talk about that. First if all, remember that drug is any chemical that produces a therapeutic or non-therapeutic effect in the body.

Well, How I have all ready told you last time, drugs are bad for your health, body, friends, family and you! It ruins your live! Don’t think like “Well, its one drug, what could it do?” WHAT COULD IT DO! It would do a lot! First of all, some people that had never consumed drugs and they consume, they stared getting like sick and start throwing up and like seeing blind etc because their body aren’t familiar with does substances. There are different ways in which the drug would affect your health: the kind of drug taken, how much is taken, how quickly it gets into the brain, what other drugs are taken at the same time, the differences in body size, the length of time the drugs are used, etc.

There are ALL kind of drugs such as; Cocaine and Crack, Amphetamines, Marijuana, Inhalants, Cold and Cough Medicines. All this drugs are very bad for you. Remember that if someone ever asks you “Hey, do you want some of this?” And tells you that it fees good, that it’s delicious, etc! DON’T CONSUME IT. You said him or her “You know what? No, that is not good it’s bad for your health and you are also hearting other people that’s loves you so... No thanks.

People said that if you consumed drugs, it would influence you a lot like in relationships, reputations, futures, wallets, self-images and especially grades. Also they said ‘’Using alcohol and tobacco at a young age increases the risk of using other drugs later.”

What is bad of all this, is that you start with something that isn’t to bad (talking about drugs) and when you even notice you stared consuming worst drugs. Like maybe you starts drinking alcohol and then you smoke and consumed marijuana or.. I don’t know.. I mean… like worst drugs. That’s is like the story I told you about that girl who start with the alcohol bottles at her home and then stared smoking Pipe and worst things.

Some doctor said that when you consumed drugs you have “your own world’’. Like what I think of this, is that like the substance of drugs make a chemical reaction to your body that makes you feel like in another ‘’world’’ that doesn’t really exist. They stared acting and doing things because they see things that aren’t really happening.

SO like I already told you remember not consuming drugs because that affects you a lot. Any kind of drug! You get to be in many changes, “own worlds’’, losting friends and families etc, almost all this role about teenage happens with young people because they want to be ‘’cool’’.This is what people said called Teenagers and drugs:

-->Teenagers and Drugs <--
Teenagers may be involved with legal or illegal drugs in various ways. Experimentation with drugs during teenage is common. Unfortunately, teenagers often don’t see the link between their actions today and the consequences tomorrow. They also have a tendency to feel indestructible and immune to the problems that others experience.
Using alcohol and tobacco at a young age increases the risk of using other drugs later. Some teens will experiment and stop, or continue to use occasionally, without significant problems. Others will develop a dependency, moving on to more dangerous drugs and causing significant harm to themselves and possibly others.

Adolescence is a time for trying new things. Teens use drugs for many reasons, including curiosity, because it feels good, to reduce stress, to feel grown up or to fit in. It is difficult to know which teens will experiment and stop and which will develop serious problems.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

**Other Respond**

Hello again! Because I needed to finish my 500 words about other schools questions, I decide to go to Mr. Fisher's class. There I find an interesting question, it was like this: What is the climate like in your place?

Well, the climate here in Cartagena is very very hot! Sometimes the climate is even warmer in some days, but usually at nights, the wind is fresher. Not even on December it gets a little cold! But you get used to Cartagena's climate. I have been here sense I was a baby, even though I wasn't born here. I was born in Medellin were climate is colder than here. When it rains, like in Cholón (Were Rosario islands are), the climate gets like kind of wet and dry so it attracts mosquitoes! In my island the climate is fresher. Well, Know I need to go! I hope you get to know more about Cartagena´s climate! Bye!

Monday, February 05, 2007

**Teenage Drug**

Hey! It’s me, Susie! Today I want to tell you about teenage drug. Maybe you wouldn't even care about it, but what I’m going to tell you is very important so listen up! Well, because I’m interested in the issue of teenage drug I searched on del.icio.us. This is a page where you can get information about many things. Other pages are Google News or BBC News. However, I looked in del.icio.us and I searched Teenage drug. There, real teenagers tell stories about them drinking and consuming drugs.

One story I read called "I Was Tired of Nobody Trusting Me". It was about a girl named Krystan that was adopted by pretty good parents, born in California. She was like a normal girl but her father had many alcohol bottles at home, so she stared drinking, and with years she stared to drink, smoke and consumed many drugs. She said that AT FIRST it maked her feel good, but when time passed her health, friends and family were missing. Even the people she got to hangout with; the ones who consumed drug, alchol and smoked were a little afraid of her because she was consuming to lot. Krystan got always in trouble and hide stuff from her parents and even steal them money when they weren't seeing! A lot of things happened to her, but one day her mother catch Krystan stealing their parents money and grab her by the hand and found a pipe on her backpack. Because her mother was worried she maked many test, and treatments so she could be again the girl she used to be, thanks that Krystan wasn't SO much deep in the drugs she could be cured. Today she is a drug and alcohol counselor in Scotts Valley, CA.

I learned that consuming drugs is bad because it ruins your body inside and outside, get in troubles, lost friends and families, making bad things such as stealing money from your job (if you have) and parents. Remember that consuming drugs is bad. And many people had lost almost everything because off the effect of drugs. Also they say thing that they shouldn’t and people don’t believe or have confidence on them because they know how those people are.

I think all this is very important because it teaches me a lot of things such as how had teenagers been affected by the drugs and how had their lives changed when they didn’t consume and when they stared consuming. Like I think that if you consumed drugs all your live would ruin and you will get in many problems and you wouldn’t have many TRUE friends that carry about you even though you consume.

I want to expand my understanding of my topic by making more post or telling information about the effects on drug. Like also tell the stories or post the stories of the people I read that consumed drug and how they live change since the stared consuming. Post comment of about what I think and make people notice about the bad influence of messing with drugs, alcohol, and smoke.

This isn't anything comparing to the things that happen in real live. You should never drink smoke or consumed drugs. They (drugs) are bad for your health and appearance. Also you lost friends and family when you consume those. Don’t get massed up with that of drugs. You would gain many problems. Live life without ruining your live and damaging your self.

Another thing that happens a lot, (I don’t know if it happens where you are, but here in Cartagena yes) is that poor people spend their money on drinks like alcohol and I’m talking about teenagers. Is that the worst thing is that! They are teenagers!! I don’t think you want to be like them. Spend your only money gained in the day with alcohol and cigarettes. Those people really don’t know what they are doing but I do. Ruining their live with…with...DRUGS!

Oh! I forget to tell you! Sometimes in some parts restaurants and streets sellers sell TEENAGERS alcohol and they are like 15 years old. Poor guys, at 15 years and drinking. Well I think you already get the main idea off this. "DON’T RUIN YOUR LIVE BY CONSUMING DRUGS!" Well, Now I need to go, I hope you get clear the concept of drugs and the causes and effects it has on you. Bye! See you later!

Monday, January 29, 2007

**Hangout Places!**

Hey! Its me Susana, from Colegio Jorge Washington/ Cojowa. I was taking a look from Mr.Raisdana's class and I saw a very interesting question from Tyler and Dustin blogs. It was;
What are your favorite hangout places in your town/city?
Well, I will answered to that question.

Ok, first of all we go hangout friday because is the day we go out of school.We love to go to restaurants like Mc Donalds, Creeps and waffles, Corral, and El Otoyal. We also go to El Campito but that isnt like a fancy restaurant, or simple restaurants its most like a pizza store where there is a football court and sometimes our girls and boys soccer team play there, so we go there and see them play.

Also we love to go to clubs. Like club union and cartagena. Sometimes there they do miniteks so we go there and dance. Also we go to the pools there like in club cartagena that there is a very deep pool like at first the distance between the water and the floor is very shortbut then it become to increase and at last it becomes very very deep.

Another hangout place is paseo peatonal, that is like kind of a walkway near the shore. Is very nice and most at mornings that is when people go walking and duing exercise there. Also we go to movies in the theater, cinecolombia. Sometimes instead of going to the theater we rent the movie in "blockbuster" and then we go to one of our friends house and see the movie there.

Turist like to go to the beach, which is very dark because of the sand. In holydays the beach is FULL because of turist so cartagena gets very "crowded."Like in december until january first days is when its very full. It is almost imposible to walk there!

Sometimes we go youst to one of our friends house and ask in phone so we can have delibery food. Then we see a movie or sometimes we go youst walk and um... you know. We also sometimes go shopping to "la mansion" that is like many stores of; nauty blue, tennis, sprit, tommy hifigher, etc. Its very cool because like we got to use new cloth and I just love it!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Hello again! Its me, Susi. How are you? I hope everything fine. Well, I just wanted to talk more about my issues or ideas of the TLP proyect, so you have it very clear. My issues are technology, tennage drug, and global warming.

Ok, lets stared with technology. Do you like technology? wait.. let me answer... YES!!! ok ME TOO!! Technology is a very delicated and important in life. How I already say and I think you know, technology is a way of learning things, making it easier and faster to do. Also technology is advancing all time. Colombia isnt a place of many technology I can said but even so we are very good. Technology can also affect us in many ways such as; transportation and communication. Like celphones makes it for us a communication even from big distances. And like bus, car, airplaine all of those are advanced technology wich Im sure would keep advancing.

Another Issue is Tennage Drug. I think consuming drug is obiusly bad. Im talking about drugs like; alchol, smooking, marihuana etc, and it is even worst if you are a TENNAGEEER!! I think this was an interesting theme that I really am interested about because that is very common in Colombia. I think that the addiction to the drug is very bad, they say that the personal dossis isnt bad, expet when you exeed. I think taht EVEN the personal dossis of drug is bad because like... THAT IS DAMAGING YOUR BODY! so thats what and why I choose this Issue.

And for last thing is the global warming. GLOBAL WARMING is everything. Green house effect, heat, etc! EVRYTHING. And is something that is happening part becaus of us. We are also damaging our own and only planet we have; Earth. Also the same Earth is caussing it but we are most becaus eof all the garbage and air, gas, and stuff we are throwing in the athmosphere. We should stared by caring about or planet because late or early it will affect our future or maybe our childs future ( if you have childs). So I think is very important to care about our planet, thats why I choose this Issue.

Ok now I need to go because my eyes are closing! Time to slэєp! c ya!!

**ѕυѕι яэѕτяєpο**

Monday, January 15, 2007


Hello! My name is Susana but my friends called my susi. I am going to introduce me and talk about my important issues. I was born in Medellin on March. I'm 12 years old and I live in Cartagena. Here its very hot but also very fun. The beach is very nice and almost everytime in the mornings. I love to draw, go shopping, do water deports, hang out with my friends and chat wich is relationed to one of my issues (technology.) Here on cartagena you can go to; movies, restaurants, clubs, beach, islands, pools, Paseo Peatonal (wich is a walk way closed to the beach very nice). I also love to hear musik like pop, rock pop, regaetton ( wich is very commin here), hip hop etc.

Since this is the teen like proyect Im going to talk about it. Im intersted in technology and tennage drinking. I think this is very bad because it can affect us. Like I know technology is VERY cool because it help us doing things easier and faster (talking about homeworks) hehe just joking! Well, also you can get to know people like Im doing it right know! You are knowing me THANKS TO THE INTERNET! Yeah! Well technology is very good every how you know how to control it! Its nol like a maniac whos obsesive for MSN or I dont know.. chating or what ever, because that can harm us too. Then we would be like robots that EVERY TIME we need to be on interet and be programed for that. Well really Internet isn't just computers! duhh! Im talkig in general.. t.v. celphones ( I love them), play stations xD, ETC!!

Well talking more about the tennage drinking it is also very bad. Look, Imagine you like about... how many years are you??12...13.. 14 well about that age. Know think about drinking alchol right know! Know imagine when you are an adult. Do you really think you would become a super model or singer or heavy metal guitarist? umm.... HELLO! NO!! Drinking alchol seens young is bad people!! It is bad for your health and it would affect a lot in your social enviorment! hello!!! Here in Cartagena is very common and most in poor towns because here, poor people just waste their money in alchol and Im not talking about adults Im talking about tennagers. Could you just imagine their lives??!It would be horrible.

Well I hope my long converation with you teach you something because if not Im just wasting my time (joking) hehe.. Well Really al this im saying is true IM NOT INVENTING! And how I all ready told you is very common. Ok, NOW I got to go because my brother named Tomas just bothered my beutifull moment with you guys. I was inspired... WELL BYE!!


Monday, October 30, 2006

{ Maple Street Respond }

At the beginning of the story a kind off “comet” or something past trough Maple Street sky. Maple Street neighborhood start to frustrate because light went off, and even portable stuff didn’t work. What they didn’t know was that they were starting something that would become a trouble. Because they were so frustrate they stared to fight and blame each other and forgot about their friendship. When Charley start to blame Tommy just because he talks about aliens, so the neighborhood thinks the one who was involved was Tommy and he wasn’t. When they were never expecting they saw their selves destroying, fighting and blaming, whether they really didn’t know who was. Friendship is very important even in bad moments, but you should never blame or kill anyone.

In the Story of Maple Street I think that what the author teach or tells you is very important. I disagree in part with the message because I think when we most need our friends, neighbors, family, etc or be together when a problem is coming, we shouldn’t blame others or kill no one because we just feel frustrated, when everyone is. The best thing to do in that moment is calming down. Know they are many cases like that taking off the part of the aliens, that’s why I want to tell you that when you or your friends, family, neighborhood, etc are in problems, never blame or fight, because what you are really doing is destroying your selves and friendship. Calm down and think of a solution in witch doesn’t involve killing, fighting, or blaming.

A part of the story I should change to make it easier to people understand today, is the part of the aliens and the “comet”. It supposed that in the story the “comet” is the Cause or problem. Maybe it can be change to a problem like suddenly it starts to rain a lot. Like there would be a lot of confusion because rain suddenly starts to rain and anybody knows why. And also I would let the part of the aliens maybe they planned everything. xD

Thursday, October 26, 2006

^.^-->New template <-- ^.^

Hello everyone! I invite you to see my new blog template! Please let me a comment if you like it or not, with sincerity. My old template color was “thisaway Rose” I think I should change it because it was boring seeing the same color every time. Remember to let me a comment… thanks!! ^.^ Oh! And..."Happy Halloween!!!"

Monday, October 23, 2006

♥+[ ..Oh Ashley.. ]+♥

Boom Boom Boom. Ashley’s heavy steps came down the stairs. She was getting to the studio, were she had her computer. Ashley sat down in a fluffy seat and turned it on. Messenger starts. “Ashley! Stop that computer right now!” Ashley’s mom shouted. “What! Mom I just stared!” she responds angrily. “Well, I’m sorry, but you are going to stop it right now or I’ll turn it off in a second, what are you thinking of? Look the hour is 7:52 am” she said back. “OK-OK!” Ashley said making a sigh. Her mom relaxed face went to sleep again. It was 7: 54 am, Sunday morning In Oklahoma. Ashley turns off the computer and turns on the TV to channel 18. Then she took out the phone and pressed some numbers, and then she talked. “Hi, good morning and sorry for the early call, is there Madison?” “Oh, no problem. Well, I guess she is sleeping, let me see.” The curios voice answer. Then the voice talked again “Sorry, she is sleeping do you want to let her a message?” “Oh, umm.. No its fine I’ll called back later” Ashley said “Ok, bye” the voice respond. “Bye” said Ashley returning to the sofa that faced the TV. Ashley’s little Brother had been waked by her noisy voice. “Ashley, is it you?” he said yawning. “No I’m barney” Said Ashley with an obvious sigh. ”Off course is it me you stupid” she said again. Michel walked toward Ashley and sit beside her on the sofa. “I want cartoons” Said Michel. “No, I’m not going to put your stupid cartoons” Ashley said meanly. Michel takes the TV control out of her hands and turn of the channel. “Hey! What are you doing idiot? I had the TV” said Ashley and turn it again. Michel taked it again and then Ashley pulled it back, then they started fighting. Their mom waked and became all red, walked to where the kids were, and said: “your dad and me are trying to sleep if you are not quiet, Ill take you that TV, and I promise you will never see it again" she said angrily but then calming her self up. “Ok” the two kids said in chorus. Then their mom turned again and walked in direction of her room. Both, Ashley and Michel saw each other face at the same time. “You know what? Take the control I don’t care, I’m not a baby like you” said Ashley. Michel made a sad face and became all red, Before Ashley turned herself around she saw her little brother’s tear coming off and added ‘‘ok, I’m sorry you are not a baby I was just joking and if you want take the control, I really don’t care, I’ll find out what to do”.

“Ashley...” Michel’s brightened head said.

“Yeah?” she responds.

“We can see both TV, in one part I’ll see cartoons, and in the other you’ll se your TV shows or novels’’ Ashley smiled at her brother.

“That sounds right to me”. She said. They kept watching TV all-day until 5:00 pm. Ashley then, hung out with her friends again and Michel invited a friend called Rich, he is so funny and aerobic, Well, If you want to know about dad, he went to a meeting until night, mom cooked and then called few friends of her to go to my house. From that on, Mom and I stop fighting because we realized that day that it wasn’t worth to keep it up and….. My brother and I became very good friends.

Monday, October 16, 2006

D= [[ **Irotama** ]] ( Great Hotel ) =D

Hello everyone, today I am going to talk you about a great Hotel I am right now, it’s called "Irotama." Is five stars and they are all big cabin. Right know I’m here in the cabin writing these blog that is late. Well, why late? Because here the Internet is not easy. I needed to by a card for 20 thousand pesos, my dad couldn’t put in the card for the internet that’s why I taked so long for me to write this blog and so late. WELL! I am not here to talk you about how long it took me to write this stuff but about this great Hotel.

Well, how I was telling you Irotama is a great hotel with variety of restaurants, activities, cabins, buildings, etc. It’s is located in Santa Marta. It has one of the biggest beaches. There are all kind of activities such as; spas, riding horses, volleyball, badminton, golf, ping pong, sail boats, water activities, etc. The cabins or suites are BIG, comfortable, and nice. There are like 100 restaurants and the hotel is so big you could lost, I didn’t event know were was my cabin located at first.

I recommend you this Hotel because it has great service and is beautiful. You can have a great moment with your family in this place. The only bad thing is, that when you are in the reception you have to wait a little bit but that is part of all, to be patient. Well I need to go know because I am going to eat pizza in one of the delicious restaurants here. Well, before I go, like I had already said before I had pass great in this place with my family know its your turn to have a lot of fun here with your family. Ok, know really I need to go, I hope you had enjoy these blog, Bye. WRITE ME A COMMENT!...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Any Thing Goes Right on My "Perfect Holyday"

(1)· series of objects-
(2)· series of modifiers-
(3)· series of phrases -
(4)· series of independent clauses-
(5)· introductory prepositional phrase
(6)· introductory participial phrase
(7)· introductory adverb clause
(8)· introductory yes, no, or interjection

In winter, I planed to go to Colorado. The trip was a mess. I had seen a perfect time there like (2) playing in the snow, ice skating, and making angel forms. BUT, seeing it in a realistic way it was impossible relaxing there. I would be better going to school!! Everything was wrong (3) the house, the place, and the climate. All stared like this:

I woke up early, in Colorado, anxious of another “exiting” morning, but it was a complete disaster. That day I were completely frozen. I thank: I woke up with the wrong foot, because the shower was soooo cold. I became a complete piece of ice with some (1) ice, in my mouth, foot and toes. I drop my hot tea in my new cloth, I WAS TOTALLY A MESS..!

When I changed my cloth again I brushed my teeth and saw that there was no paste on it.. BEAUTIFUL!. It looked like it was the perfect morning. Everything was going wrong and wrong, BUT Why to me? Well, that’s a question that I will never find a right answer ? “Live is cruel SOMETIMES”.. That’s MY answer.

Later that day, I was so angry, so hungry, and so cold. I went to the refrigerator and I said to my mind.. “Know Susie.. Relax.. Everything is ok… inhale.. Exhalee..” BUT…(I hate that BUT) There was NO food to pick up on the refrigerator because in my family everyone was SO lacy and nobody had bought food in the the market, yet. Specialty my mom, (4) she was sleeping, relaxing, and dreaming tha morning.

Why does any thing went right? Well, maybe in was because I have bud luck, but that would be impossible because since I have memory I have had always very good luck. (5) Even in a bad moments, I am always a lucky person. (6) I remember one day, that there was a pound with mud, and everyone had step on it, BUT thanks to "my good luck" I DID NOT STEP IT!!..because how I all ready tell you (7) whenever I am in problems, I can get out of them..exept...THAT UGLY TIME IN COLORADO!!!...

If you question your self why I had a desaster holyday and you had guess is bad luck...well, (8) yes, congratulation you have succed!.. However, that day at night, things stared to change for first time in the world, my brother was polite, my mom did me a favor, and my dad...my dad drove calmly!.. YES!!... know things are getting better!.. Well, so know I have another story to tell, then of a bad day, ANY THING CANT JUST GET WORST. So... I have predicted I am not totally bad luck.. but Im just lucky.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

(= [[ **Drake Bell** ]] =)

Drake Bell was born in June 27, 1986. His full name is Jared Drake Bell. He is an American actor, guitarist and singer/songwriter. He begins his career when he was only a child in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He appeared on The Amanda Show and became famous by very young audience and also known for his role on the series of Drake and Josh. Drake Bell has his own CD and how I already tell you that he is a singer he released an album in 2005.

Monday, October 02, 2006

+[[ *Problem and Solution* ]]+

*Usually when I am dealing a problem I calm up but not always. I breath three times until I start calming more, because usually I am very nervious.Sometimes I shout, and start beying rude with other people even if they aren't in the problem. When I am under presure well, sometimes I hide that but I always find the manner of leting me calm down and resolving problems in a right way.*

Once I was on Medellin with my two cousins; Maria and Irene. Maria is my age and Irene is older; like about 2 and half years old. We were on the pool and I had a white doted bikini, and they had two little black and blue bikinis great design from Onda de Mar, a BEAUTIFUL shopping bath suits center.

However, we were all there happily playing in the pool and suddenly I grabbed Maria from the shoulder and untie her little but very nice bikini, her head goes red and her first action was protecting her and dipping down the pool. I also blush because I was embarrassed, but I could control and solve the problem. When I saw my other cousin Irene, also embarrassed, I remembered Maria was under water, so I deep too and help her down there.

Finally we came up to breath, and she was again In her nice bikini. Fortunately anyone was seeing us, but even so I tell her I was really sorry and know we become great friends because even thought, and incident wouldn’t change such a big thing right? So, even today I keep visiting her, with her sister and two little brothers named Pedro, and Felipe.. They are sooo cute!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

o--(^.^)--oo**Two Brothers** --(^.^)--o

Have you seen the movie of two brothers? Well, Today I am going to tell you or recommend you that movie.

It is about two little tiger brothers that...yeah a tiger, that’s what I said you didn’t hear badly I say tigers, well however this two tigers were born in the jungle by there mother, but one day came a hunter. The tiger’s mom just saved the smallest of them and the other was grabbed by the hunter but was not killed.

Time then the tiger that was taking by the hunter was named Kumal. And the other that time then was grabbed by an important colonial was named Sangha. Kumal was taking to a circus and passed his life there, but he had never become as strong as his brother Sangha who was been teach to fight.

Destine take them to fight each other in a battle that had been paid with lot of money, and at first they didn’t recognize each other but then when they saw there eyes, they recognize each of them in their youngness and escape to the forest. Some people were trying to catch them and even put the forest on fire. They could go out because, Kumal was teach to jump against rings on fire while he was on the circus, so he teach his brother and they lived happily ever in their place were every tiger must be, in the wildness of the forest.

I think this movie is really nice and if you are those kind of people that love wonderful movies that lets you a lesson and …bla...Bla, you know what I am talking about, But really I recommend you that movie because is really nice but is also sad, and if you want to know why.. Well, I cant just tell you everything but..SEE IT!

Monday, September 25, 2006

**Mi Opinion of my Blog**

-How has your blog lived up to your expectations? -
~Well, because I said in my expectations that making the blog would be fun and it really is.
~Also because I said like people were going to see what you write on it, and I will also see their blogs.

-What is harder or easier about maintaining your web log?-
~I think that for harder is like you need to have a main idea, like the sequence capitals, and corrections so is like that.
~And for easier like the neatness, tittle, pictures, and like to attract someone’s attention.

-How do you feel about it now?-
~Well, I feel many things for the blog right know, because I have done so many things, that I don’t really know from were to start. I feel happy because I have my own blog. I think, that what I predicted in "the expectations for my blog," were real because it was really fun.

-Has your feeling changed since the beginning?-

~No, how I had already say before I thought making up a blog was going to be fun, and cool. AND IT REALY IS.. so I think nothing has change.

-How do you feel about the technical aspects (links, pictures, settings, etc)?-
~Um..Really I think my blog is really good, because even though I made a lot of effort creating it, I put the appropriated pictures, links, and settings. So like everything makes part of the blog and joins perfectly. So basically I think I made a good work.

-What has surprised you most about your experience so far?-
~That many cool things have happened during these days and like security and those entire things are really good. Also that the settings and everything the blog gives you to make it, is really good, creative, neat, and nice.

-What have you learned from blogging?-
~I have learn new words, better writing, how to make things in a organize, nice and neat way. Like to interact more with my friends and has teach me a lot of thing; like about how to use the technology in a safety and organize way, ECT.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

**Laughing, Laughing, Laughing**

I’m going to talk you about a funny story I had once in the cinema. I remember I was with my friend Nathalie, and we were just buying the tickets for the cinema. And like always we bought our popcorns and drinks.

When we were already inside, Nathalie made a funny statement and I start laughing kind of weird, so that made her laugh too, so we were like crazy cows just laughing there while everyone was “hushing us”. That made laugh even more and people started getting kind of frustrating, so a man stared shouting to shut up, and we couldn’t, like we were almost peeing right there. All people stared throwing us popcorns and we were throwing the back. That become like a wild party rather than a “cinema” witch hadean stared yet.

Then of a few minutes, the movie stared. I don’t really remember what I was looking at, but I remember that in the beginning of the movie Nathalie laughed like a crazy donkey and I laugh too, we laugh so much that three people went out, and a worker with a yellow light came to see what was happening. We close our mouths and from that one we were more “serious” witch was a miracle, but we make it!

Know that time has passed I think this is event was a "little" embarrassing. Today I feel like we wasn’t respecting the people neither the movie at all, so know I am embarrassed with them and I hope this event will show me to respect other people how I like them to respect me.